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risk more than others think is safe. care more than others think is wise. dream more than others think is practical. expect more than others think is possible
-- c. maxim /// Instagram: dani_elyse

Anonymous said: I get the feeling my boyfriend thinks he is better than me. I feel as if he thinks hes out of my league and it does make me feel really bad about my self. I dont know what to say to him without coming across as paranoid?

This is a tough emotion to have, and I am sorry to hear that you are feeling this way.

Pay attention to this emotion. You are feeling it for a reason. You may be reading the situation correctly, or you may be projecting your own emotions onto him.

I feel like you know this isn’t working out. Can you evaluate the relationship and see if it’s worth continuing? Does he complement you and what you want? Is it a respectful relationship? How do you feel about him? 

1 year ago
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Anonymous said: This is probably going to sound silly but I moved to a big city a while ago and I can't seem to make friends or even meet people I like, it's making me really depressed

Moving changes can be challenging. I’m sorry to hear that you are finding it hard to meet people. 

Some cities are easier to meet people, others are not. 

What activities do you like to do? Are you working or going to school?

I often times meet people at activities/sports and work. 

Are there places that you have tried? Have you made a few friends? Sometimes they can introduce you to others.

Keep your chin up, and know that you rock. 

Keep me updated :)

1 year ago
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Anonymous said: Hi 18/f I like this girl she is in my university, not a lot of people know I am bi but I dunno if she is I to girls, and for that matter me. Every time I see her or am near her I get really nervous and all I want to do is talk to her but I am really awkward ad say stupid things:/

Strike up a convo :) Think about it- if someone were to walk up to you at uni, wouldn’t you be friendly? Something could start up, and you may have something in common. Be bold :) You have NOTHING to lose. Perhaps this could be the beginning of something. 
I had trouble with this too- and when I started to just walk around and create small talk with people, I widened my social group, and also built a lot of self esteem.
You can do it :) Kindness if often reciprocated <3

1 year ago
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